EAW Mosaic Native App


Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) was launching a new line of speakers that "talk to" each other via intranet. This innovative line also allows the user to design their own rig, even before purchasing the speakers. Mosaic is the native application that makes this possible. I was part of a team as the UX Designer, working with the Software Manager and Product Manager. The interface would mostly be used on an iPad, so touch capability was critical. The speakers in "Rig View" were still in design mode, so features such as status LEDs were changing as the app was being designed.


After several whiteboard sessions with the team to define the product requirements and user stories, I started loosely sketching ideas for screen flow and layout. Many iterations later, I was able to mock up a prototype showcasing the key interactions and screens for the app. The client hosted testing interviews with key users, showing the prototype. We received a great deal of feedback from that process, which allowed me to update the interface to meet their needs better. My final deliverables were a set of screen shots and an updated prototype which was sent to a Graphic Design for web group to finalize the interface design, and output the pixel perfect assets for coding. The app is live and usable now.

Design Process

  • Product Requirements Doc Review

  • Current Interface Review including Assets

  • Client Interviews with White Boarding

  • Low fidelity Sketches

  • High Fidelity Screen Mockups

  • Clickable Prototype

  • User Testing of Version 1

  • Version 2 Updates

Mind Map of App with Features and Actions

Mind Map

Initial Hand Sketches - Rig View and Venue View

V1 Wireframes and Interaction Animation, Top Navigation Development

V2 Venue View after User Feedback