Mackie Master Fader iOS App



Mackie's MasterFader application for iPad needed to add an Overview and Matrix modes for their new product, the DL32R. They wanted the addition to look seamless, so using existing assets was critical.


Since users needed to be able to quickly recognize the channels that are  assigned to a group in the Overview mode, I developed a spectrum of 15 colors. 3 rounds of user tests were performed to maximize the color differentiation.

I used a combination of bright green and line work on the background grid to help users see what is connected in the Matrix mode. 2 rounds of design improved the scrolling and quick visual feedback.

Design Process

  • Product Requirements Interview with Client

  • Existing App Review

  • High Fidelity Mockups

  • Interaction Design of Matrix mode

  • User Testing

  • Version 2 Updates

  • Style Guide of new assets and colors