Mackie Freeplay Connect iPhone, Android App


Mackie's FreePlay portable speaker needed a control application to be used with a phone. The new interface should follow the style guide and use as many parts from the MasterFader application. FreePlay is meant to be usable by customers around the globe.


I used existing colors and parts as I could, while adding some icons for FreePlay functions. After testing the first version, I updated the interface to use more icons instead of text. Some parts have since been redesigned to fit the new MasterFader 3.0 styling.

Design Process

  • Product Requirements Doc Review

  • Current Mackie Interface Review including Assets

  • Client Interviews with White Boarding

  • Low fidelity Sketches

  • High Fidelity Screen Mockups

  • Clickable Prototype

  • User Testing of Version 1

  • Version 2 Updates