Audio Control DM Smart DSP App



Audio Control was releasing an update to their car audio processors, including a custom app to install and control them. The "DM Smart DSP" app was a completely new build. It had to be easy to use, and fit in with the style for the car audio install market. 


After reviewing the specifications for the app and the competition, I started sketching some ideas for how the screens could be laid out. I came up with a "Dashboard" approach, so the installer can see all the high level controls on one screen. The Input and Output screens completed the navigation. This interface design was not only successful with the client, but it won an Innovation Honoree award at the 2017 CES show. 

Design Process

  • Product Requirements Doc Review

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Client Interviews with White Boarding

  • Low fidelity Sketches

  • High Fidelity Screen Mockups

Initial Hand Sketches - Inputs, Outputs, Dashboard

Wireframe Color Studies

Final Version Dashboard, Style Guide