University Beyond Bars Website


University Beyond Bars is a non-profit company in Washington State which uses donations to allow prisoners to obtain post-secondary education. Their website was in need of a redesign. UBB needed an easy way to complete and update the website as content changed. The target of the site is to attract private and corporate donors, since they heavily rely on donations to fund their programs.


My team picked Squarespace as the platform for the site. After qualitative and quantitative research, heuristic and competitive analysis, and persona creation, the UBB Concept was formed. I focused on wireframes, infographic design, and style guide. The new website is live and has increased donations immensely.

Becky Passarella, Development Director at University Beyond Bars (UBB) Review:

"Kimberly's working style exudes joy, interested, enthusiasm, intelligence and essential team spirit. As a fortunate recipient of a team UX project design, I was impressed with how Kimberly listened to our specifications and needs and took part in the development of an AWESOMEly designed website. Her heart was in the project. She presented valuable ideas and designs after extensive thorough research. She went above and beyond expectations."

Design Process

  • Client Interview and Kickoff (Team)

  • Product Requirements Gathering (Team)

  • Competitive Site Heuristic and Design Review (Team)

  • Persona Development (Team)

  • User Journey (Team)

  • UBB Mind Mapping (Team)

  • Site Architecture (Team)

  • Low Fidelity Sketching (Kim)

  • Infographic Design (Kim)

  • Site Color Scheme (Kim)

  • Image Optimization for Web (Esmond)

  • Squarespace Site Assembly (Jill)

  • User Testing (Team)

  • Site Updates after Testing (Jill)

  • Style Guide (Kim)