Provider Resilience


Provider Resilience is an app which gives health care providers tools to guard against burnout and compassion fatigue as they help service members, veterans, and their families. The opportunity for this project was to refresh the app based on Version 1 user testing. 

Main feedback issues were:

  • Providers thought the Vacation Countdown was actually stressing them out instead of inspiring them to take a break.

  • Providers were not using features such as the Inspiration Cards as much as others such as Self Care ideas.


Along with addressing the feedback from users, I also reorganized the app's navigation and refreshed the interaction design. Version 1 was paper prototype tested by the head Researcher with A/B analysis of:

  • Assessment Screen Interaction and Flow

  • Inspiration Card Feature Identification - "+" or triple dot

After paper prototype testing, we also learned that the actual rating number was confusing to users. We took that away and opted for a non-numbered level. Providers also said the word "Assessment" was intimidating, so we changed it to "Survey." Although the project was put on hold after that, the research was insightful and will be used for the next redesign.

Design Process:

  • Testing Review

  • Existing App Heuristic Study

  • App Architecture

  • High Fidelity Screen Design for Testing

  • Paper Prototyping

  • Version 2 with Updates