The existing LifeArmor app allows users to browse information on topics such as sleep, depression, relationship issues, and PTSD. The app also has self-assessments, videos, and access to a 24/7 Outreach Center for Service Members and their families.

After testing the initial release, 2 main redesign opportunities arose:

  • Lighten the color since users thought the background was too dark and depressing

  • Make the Outreach Center easier to find since users did not find it in testing


I kept the green and grey color scheme, but brightened the background. I also incorporated the green to show the user what is highlighted and what areas are tappable or active. I changed the navigation to top only and created an interaction animation (below) to show the team my intent for the user's experience with the app. This project was pinned for future development but was very well received by the Product Development team.


Design Process:

  • Testing Review

  • Existing App Heuristic Study

  • App Architecture

  • High Fidelity Screen Shots

  • Interaction Design