Kim Van Horn is a UX Designer with a focus on improving the interplay between the physical world and virtual worlds.  She is skilled at user research, wireframes, prototyping, graphics, and usability testing. Kim holds a BSD in Industrial Design from Arizona State University and a certificate from General Assembly Seattle for UX Design. 

Kim has been a user-centered Industrial Designer in the Seattle area since 2001. She has successfully developed over 35 products in the professional audio and medical industries, resulting in a patent and several product awards. She has designed digital interfaces since 2012 through her company, KVH Design, LLC. Her love of and dedication to design extend to her personal life, where she carves out time to paint and build custom furniture.

Kim's UX Tools: Sketch, Adobe CCS - Illustrator, Photoshop, InVision, Keynote, Microsoft Office, White Boards, Paper and Pens 

Diagram of Kim's Career History